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Channels Stack is a place for curious people with a huge passion for self-education, personal growth and everyone who likes to learn something new.

Here you can find channels that teach how to code, play guitar, design a website, even make cakes and much more.

Few words from the maker.

Hey there! I'm @Alexander, the designer & maker of Channels Stack.

You know, I have always been a very enthusiastic and curious person who is interested in learning something new, looking for himself and his vocation.

I have ride BMX (Dreamed about becoming a pro-rider and getting a RedBull sponsorship), learned to play the guitar in different genres (Metal is my fav!), Even tried to play erhu (like the traditional Chinese music) and dance bachata. But my last hobby is design. And it changed my entire life.

I always started studying with YouTube, using it as a free educational platform. But since YouTube is mainly an entertaining resource and there is no separate section with educational content (as with music, video games, and films) - It gave me the idea of creating a website with a collection of educational channels. So, that's how the Channels Stack has started.

Would like to hear your feedback or ideas at